Hi, my name is Boris Schoenmaker.

I am a Dutch portfolio consultant, lifestyle coach and sports fanatic.

Boris Schoenmaker

My mission is to share articles and stories about mindset and effective habits.

Because it is a fact that personal change always has to be ignited from within.
That’s why I share practical strategies and tips to help you become the catalyst for your personal transformation.

“Rest at the end, not in the middle.
Kobe Bryant

Ignite your Transformation

As the founder of The Catalyst Academy my dream is to help others achieve personal change and peak performance. Because everyone has mental obstacles. Everyone has blind spots. So we need pragmatic strategies and methods to improve our life.

By drawing from different fields of knowledge such as motivational psychology, cognitive psychology, neuroscience and philosophy my goal is to trigger you to:

Become a Catalyst for a Better Future.
Create better Habits and make Smarter Decisions.
Develop a Positive Attitude and go with the Flow of Life.

Personal interests

The impact of modern life on our individual and collective behaviour fascinates me, both personally and professionally. Especially how we can change our behaviour to live a happy and full life.

That’s why on the one hand I’m a consultant in portfolio management, guiding organizations in their choices and helping them prioritize and improve working methods.

On the other hand I’m a Mindset and Performance Coach, supporting individuals with cultivating a growth mindset and designing effective habits in order to build a better future.

However, in both cases the final goal is actually the same – creating alignment between strategic high level goals and operational behaviour for maximum value.

My Story

For the last 1.5 years I have lived in Spain and decided to start with a blog about personal development and creating change. I don’t have all the answers, but I’m grateful to share what has guided me so far. Hopefully it will ignite your transformation so you can jump into a new future.

ignite your transformation